Global Business 101


Posted On: June 6, 2024

Global Business 101

It’s a small, but extremely connected world. It certainly is in the sense of the ability to access information from all over the world and the connectivity with business leaders and other important decision makers from every corner of the globe. This is evident most in global business. Global business is the term that refers to any company or other entity that conducts business outside of its home country.

As the challenges of global commerce and trade become more complex, businesses both large and small need to take steps to ensure they are equipped to navigate these new issues. This means understanding the nuances, politics and implications of international business, and knowing how to collaborate with partners and colleagues in countries with different cultures than their own.

The undergraduate Journal of Global Business and Trade JGBT, also known as JGBT is a journal that features reports, articles and observations that are relevant to global business. JGBT is also an official journal of the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE).

It’s crucial to know what cultural differences can impact the success of your company abroad and whether you’re a owner considering entering global markets, or want to make sure your team is prepared. This means understanding the customs such as holidays, beliefs, holidays and social customs of the various cultures you might encounter in your international business ventures. This is a great method of increasing your “export intelligence.” It’s also important to be able to communicate with business colleagues from other countries. For example the different cultures have different views on personal space and greetings.

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